HME CPAP resupply made simple.

We help your patients live healthier lives by providing a simple, effective, and customized CPAP resupply program.
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CPAP Resupply

Services and Solutions for HME

Integrated and Customized CPAP Resupply Solutions
for today’s DME Provider

Why choose S3 CPAP ReSupply?

100 Percent Live Managed Outreach

Including live call, email, app, web portal, and text outreach all managed by our team of sleep coaches.

Maximizes the Value of Every Referral

More than 80% of orders contain all items the patient was due for at the time of order.

Better Order Rates

40-50% quarterly order rates – the combination of our order rate and patient retention often doubles the volume of orders our member DMEs receive.

Streamlined Process

Tracks eligibility dates, manages contact information, and streamlines the ordering process.

Scalable Resupply

DMEs can focus on new business, and we will take care of your resupply growth without the need for additional staff.

Executive Dashboard

Our Executive Dashboard provides excellent statistical and analytical information that is easy to read and understand. We also offer many real time reports with the ability to easily export your data. Our real-time insights offer the ability to see just about any data point from any timeframe on service.

True Partnership

Our business is modeled to create a partnership that grows your resupply business unlike anything else on the market. Each DME is assigned a personal Team Lead and a team of Sleep Coaches to manage your account and your patients.

On the Cloud

S3 is 100 percent cloud-based software. Cloud is cost-effective, improves data security, auto updates, provides better data recovery and backup as well as increasing collaboration. What’s more, you can easily scale up or down, quickly access your portal anywhere in the world with an internet connection, and best of all, there are no additional fees per DME office user.

Integrated Fulfillment

Take control of your entire fulfillment process through one convenient platform. Once orders are accepted by you, they can be automatically shipped from our portal through our industry’s fulfillment centers. Tracking information can then be sent back to your dashboard by our fulfillment partners.

100 percent live managed outreach
 Maximizes the value of every referral 
Better order rates
Streamlined process
Scalable resupply
Executive dashboard
True partnership
On the cloud
Integrated fulfillment

Why choose S3 ReSupply?

Our partners

We build long-term partnerships to provide innovative healthcare solutions.

Our team has a focused understanding of integrated and comprehensive CPAP ReSupply.

We use that experience to help our HME providers execute their vision, accelerate growth, and improve patient outcomes.

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My Sleep Coach

We offer multiple ways to reach your patients. The contact method is chosen on a patient-by-patient basis to match what works best for everyone. S3 is a low cost, high return tool that maximizes the value of each patient that is set up in the Sleep Coach program. We provide the tools necessary to track patients and notify them when they are eligible for supplies. When a patient becomes eligible for supplies, they are notified. From there, a patient can place their order online or by contacting their Sleep Coach.

My Sleep Coach therapy app

My Sleep Coach is an efficient and cost-effective way to stay connected with your patients.

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My Sleep Coach therapy app


Schedule HIPAA compliant text or video chats


Patients can place and track orders


Conduct service and product questionnaires


Patients can view available product video links


Receive documentation uploads and e-signatures from patients

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About S3 ReSupply

S3 ReSupply was founded to fill a void in the industry for a great resupply platform. We wanted to make reaching patients easier and more efficient. Our management team has more than 50 years of DME experience, and we truly understand the struggles in managing a CPAP demographic. Our goal is to develop and provide a set of tools to optimize outreach, streamline workflow, enhance order rates, strengthen order values, and improve net margins all while focusing on great customer care.

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