The Key to CPAP Resupply Success Lies in Patient Education

When selecting a company to aid in managing your CPAP resupply, it’s crucial to understand the pivotal role patient education plays in ensuring its success.

The following factors can assist you in educating patients about regular CPAP resupply.

Introduce the Program Early

At the onset of setup, inform patients about the CPAP resupply program’s significance. Emphasize the importance of regular supply replacement for maintaining good health. Clarify insurance guidelines and potential out-of-pocket expenses. Let them know that a third-party representative will contact them periodically on your behalf, ensuring transparency and privacy compliance.

Obtain Consent

Adhere to the regulations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) by explaining outreach purposes and preferences to patients. Offer multiple contact options, such as live calls, IVR, email, or text messages, and secure patient consent through a formal opt-in process.

Provide Demonstrations

Request demo materials from your resupply partner, including sample call recordings, text, or email messages. Share these with patients during discussions to offer clarity and reinforce understanding, enhancing engagement and compliance.

Include Information in Setup Materials

Amidst the overwhelming influx of information during setup appointments, ensure patients receive a comprehensive setup packet. This packet should contain a brochure outlining the CPAP resupply program details, including contact information, instructions for responding to prompts, and guidance on ordering supplies through mobile or web applications if available.

Offer Reminders

Acknowledge the challenges patients may face in adjusting to CPAP therapy and provide ongoing support through coaching services. Regular follow-ups, especially within the initial 90 days, allow for reinforcement of resupply program information. Celebrate compliance milestones by revisiting program details and inviting patients to utilize available mobile or web applications.

Educating patients about your CPAP resupply program from the outset and reinforcing this knowledge throughout their journey fosters a stronger relationship with your resupply partner. Ultimately, it benefits both you and your patients in the long term.

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